Young SET Ambassadors

Are you looking for a SET career?

Young SET Ambassadors Ltd is focused on encouraging talented young people in Scotland to consider careers in science, engineering and technology.

The programme aims to encourage work-related learning within an industrial enterprise. Pupils will benefit from personal development enhancing their education and encouraging them to develop their creativity and innovation skills.

Young SET Ambassador Scheme

The UK needs to stop the decline and increase the number of students pursuing careers in Science, Engineering and Technology (SET). Support from business and industry is sought for this programme.

The programme will link 12-14 year old pupils with companies and universities to offer an invaluable working SET experience.

This will be achieved by providing a real and live project which will raise the pupils’ awareness and highlight the exciting future career opportunities in SET.

The programme will begin with a launch event in a university setting. School teams will be introduced to the project and their company mentor.

Taking part in the programme will allow talented young people to open their eyes to a large number of exciting and diverse opportunities the world of industry has to offer.

Involvement with Young SET Ambassadors will help to make an important contribution towards the education of young people.

Participation in the programme will also help to inspire young people to become more involved in science, engineering and technology orientated educational subjects.

Pupils will enjoy a company visit and also a Celebrations and Awards Day which will be held at the university.

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