Young SET Ambassadors

How it works

Taking part in the Young SET Ambassadors programme are many school teams of 6 pupils, aged between 12 and 14 years, across a variety of locations in Scotland. Enrolled Ambassadors from science, engineering and technology companies are linked with them, providing mentoring guidance to the individual teams through the project. The programme is also open to children who are home-educated.

The Young SET Ambassador programmes engage with a variety of teams, from various regions throughout Scotland, in exciting real live hands-on projects. The pupils are also required to design, build and present a working model to complement, and demonstrate their projects. The programmes encourage young people to use their innovative and creative skills to make a proposal for their projects and models at their school (or home, if home-educated). The projects aim at educating the pupils on how to protect the environment and decrease carbon emissions into the atmosphere.

All pupils involved with the Young SET Ambassadors programme attend a launch event which will be held at the university, or their school. The teams will then start to develop and manage their projects and models with the help of their teacher, parents, or industrial/university mentor.

All pupils will attend a visit to the company, or university they are linked up with, along with their teacher, and the pupils will also enjoy an exciting tour of the company, or university.

Projects will be displayed and assessed by experienced judges at the Young SET Ambassadors Awards Ceremony event held at the university. Teams have an excellent opportunity to compete for the top prize of £1,000, along with the Young SET Ambassadors trophy. Medals and certificates are presented to all pupils who participate in the Young SET Ambassadors programmes. The projects will be assessed by a panel of expert judges from a variety of science, engineering or technology backgrounds who will decide which prizes are to be presented to the award winning teams. Adult Science, Engineering and Technology (SET) trophies are also presented at the Awards Ceremony.


As the Young SET Ambassadors programme kicks off we are delighted with the prospect of holding more events for pupils, teachers and their scientific, engineering and technology mentors than ever before.

We expect pupils to complete projects, supported by their teacher, parents or industry/university mentors. We are playing a key role in helping to put the pupils’ work into an industrial context. We are also finding ways to recognise the crucial role played by teachers and parents in encouraging the enthusiasm of the pupils, who will hopefully go on to make SET choices in their future careers.

Young SET Ambassadors is designed to raise awareness amongst young people of the possibilities and options offered by SET at university and SET industries, and inspire them towards the necessary subject choices.

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