Young SET Ambassadors

Trade Missions

Scotland and China

China is the fastest-growing economy in the world. Not surprisingly it has become a magnet for economic investment. Everyone wants to do business with China and Scotland is no exception with around 200 companies now either trading for in the process of establishing trade links with China.

The Scottish Government has made this association an economic priority with it's Scotland-China plan which gives a formal focus to establishing long-term relationships with China. Scottish Development International (SDI) has a permanent presence in China and has staff supporting Scottish investment there.

The potential for selling into the Chinese market is obviously enormous, given its vast population of 1.3 billion people. Demand for products and services from Scotland ranges from input on renewable energy and financial services to meeting the growing demand for luxury goods such as cashmere and whisky. The interest in energy and renewables and the education sector is exceptionally high enabling the Young SET Ambassadors programmes to potentially expand, and grow partnerships, in this very fast growing economy.

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World Expo - Shanghai (2010)
  • World Expo - Shanghai (2010)
    This photograph was taken at the World Expo in Shanghai, China. This trade mission was lead by the Rt Honourable Mr Alex Salmond (MSP), First Minister for Scotland. The Trade Mission delegates were offered a tour of the UK pavilion which is in the background.
  • World Expo - Shanghai (2010)
    Rt Honourable Alex Salmond welcomed the opportunity to lead the trade visit organised by the Scottish Council for Development and Industry. The Scottish Government places real value on Scotland's growing partnership with China. Building trade links internationally is vital to our future economic success, and China is clearly a key market for Scotland. Mr Salmond wished all the participants a successful trip, as they seek to further strengthen the links between Scotland and China
  • World Expo - Shanghai (2010)
    Rt Honourable Alex Salmond presented awards at the Scottish Gala evening event at the Marriott Hotel during the Shanghai Trade Mission in China
  • World Expo - Shanghai (2010)
    Professor Aileen Lothian and the Rt Honourable Alex Salmond First Minister for Scotland attending the Scottish Gala evening event at the Marriott Hotel. Mr Salmond is an excellent supporter of the Young Science, Engineering and Technology (SET) Ambassadors
  • Asia World-Expo, Hong Kong
    An invitation was accepted by the Young SET Ambassadors to attend the opening ceremony of the Asia World-Expo Exhibition in Hong Kong
  • Asia World-Expo, Hong Kong
    Professor Aileen Lothian was invited to the Welcoming Luncheon for the C40 Delegations where she discussed the Young SET Ambassadors programmes with many world leaders who share the same interests in energy and renewables
  • Asia World-Expo, Hong Kong
    ECO Expo Asia 2010 International Trade Fair on Environmental Protection. Dr Lothian was invited to exhibit in November 2010, accompanied by a Chinese interpreter, Miss Kathy Po. The exhibition took place in Hong Kong
  • Asia World-Expo, Hong Kong
    After the Welcoming Luncheon for the C40 Delegations, the attendees were also invited on the tour of the exhibitions, two delegates walking through the virtual tunnel at the Asia World-Expo in Hong Kong

Establishing A Presence

Given Hong Kong's changing business environment – complex – as well as culture and language barriers, it is not an easy market to enter and exit with a quick win. To succeed in Hong Kong requires careful business planning and execution. Small Scottish companies need to take time to build up their business network and credentials and to demonstrate their commitment. Often this requires some sort of presence in the marketplace, whether directly through your own business operation, or indirectly, working through a strategic partnership such as an agent or distributor. The Young SET Ambassadors visited Hong Kong on Trade Missions organised by Scottish Council for Development in Industry (SCDI) and the Eco Expo Exhibition where UK Trade and Investment (UKTI), Scottish Development International (SDI) and Smart Exporter have been very much engaged in helping and supporting the energy and renewables Young SET Ambassadors programmes to expand and grow in Hong Kong. The Young SET Ambassadors visited Hong Kong on two separate Trade Missions in 2010 and were also invited to the Eco Expo Exhibition in 2010 and are currently organising the next Eco Expo Exhibition planned to take place in October 2011.

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